Trial Imaging for Stroke

1. What is cerebral stroke?

  Cerebral stroke is cerebrovascular disease that causes intracranial hemorrhage or ischemia.

  The proportion of ischemic stroke is 70-80 % in cerebral stroke.

  Temporal evolution of ischemic strokes are typically categorized into hyperacute (0-6 hours),
    acute (6-24 hours), subacute (24 hours to 2 weeks), chronic stroke ( > 2 weeks old).

2. Role of neuroimaging in acute ischemic stroke

  Acute ischemic stroke is diagnosed based on clinical symptoms and neuroimaging.

  Neuroimaging plays an essential role in the managements of the acute ischemic stroke.

  Neuroimaging is used to detect acute ischemic stroke and guide options of treatments.

  Representative neuroimaging for the evaluation of acute ischemic stroke are computed tomography (CT)
    such as noncontrast brain CT, CT angiography (CTA), CT perfusion (CTP) and magnetic resonance imaging
    (MRI) such as diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI), MR angiography (MRA), MR perfusion (MRP) using dynamic
    susceptibility contrast (DSC) technique, fluid attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR), T2* gradient echo imaging
    (GRE), and digital subtraction angiography (DSA).

3. Requirements for neuroimaging in clinical trials for acute ischemic stroke



  Quality control



4. Representative outcomes based on neuroimaging in clinical trials for acute ischemic stroke

  Infarct core volume

  Hemorrhage or hemorrhagic transformation

  Revascularization, recanalization, or reperfusion

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